Our Plumbers Do Sewer & Drain Repairs

Let our Stockton plumbing contractors keep your drains running clearWhen you live in the city, your waste water is drained into the local sewer system. This means anything that you flush down your toilet, run through your sink or empty down any other drain on your property will make its way to a single drain pipe underneath your yard. This drain pipe is called the lateral line or sewer lateral. If the lateral line gets clogged between the home and the edge of the public sewer line, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to fix it. There are two common causes of clogging, tree roots and cooking grease. There are several tips to keeping your lateral line clear of debris causing clogs, including:

  1. Avoid pouring cooking grease down the drain. Instead, freeze it in a non recyclable container and throw it in the trash. If you are the outdoorsy type, use it as an aromatic fire starter!
  2. If you catch anyone pouring cooking oil or grease down the drain, immediately flush the drain with cold water. This will cause the hot oils to coagulate and form small spheres. These are less likely to get hung up on debris in the pipes or adhere to pipe walls.
  3. Don't flush objects down your toilet. If it doesn't fall apart in water, it doesn't belong in the toilet. That includes paper towels, paper napkins, and any paper besides toilet paper.
  4. If you have a root problem in the lateral line, try a rooticide. They are available at most home improvement stores.

If all else fails, call your Stockton plumbers. Our technicians use high-pressure mini hydro jet systems that can clear out any residential drain clog and remove sentiment that other drain clearing methods can miss. That means you can expect your drain to stay clearer for longer. If it's a systematic problem with a pipe diameter that simply can't handle the job, we're always available to replace any and all pipes in your home or office. Call us today for rates and availability.